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Winter Garden Tour – February 20

1:00pm – 3:00 pm

A garden tour in winter? Why not? There may be few flowers, but it is a season of beauty and expectation nonetheless: a season to admire the sun shining gold through the peeling bark of an arbutus or paper-bark maple tree; to feel the cool, smooth skin of a snake-bark maple; a time when sheets of moss on granite bedrock are glowing green, and when fresh, rosy shoots of peonies, and all manner of bulbs hail the promise of spring.

Over 20 Sechelt Garden Club members and friends attended Bill and Rosemary Terry’s Winter Garden Tour. We were treated to a gorgeous array of pink cyclamen, hellebores blooming, snow drops, crocuses, Gevillia in bloom, species peonies peeking out of the ground. The paper-bark and snakeskin maple trees were awesome to behold. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Thanks so much to Suzette Willcox, June Meyers and Carol Corbet, who assisted Bill in providing tours. Thanks to Ardath Hoole who set us up to warm ourselves with hot coffee and hot apple cider. There was baking a plenty which kept up our energy for the afternoon. Thanks to the bakers, Ardath Hoole, June Meyer, Lorraine Gallant and Cathy Belfry.

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