Controlling Aphids

Now is the time to start thinking about getting aphids under control. Here are some ways to do that:


If you don’t have a lot of plants or too much of a problem, don a pair of gloves and run your fingers up and down the stems of your plants squishing the aphids as you go. It is strangely satisfying.


A tried and true method of aphid control. Pick up your ladybugs at The Natural Gardener or your local nursery and bring them home. Spray down the plants in the area where you want to release the ladybugs. The best time to release them is at dusk. If it is not too large an area, cover the plants with a sheet or tarp after releasing the ladybugs and leave on overnight. Usually, within one week of releasing the ladybugs the aphids should be under control

 (thanks to Bob Tuckey from The Natural Gardener)