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Good-bye to Pesky Fruit Flies

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Good-bye to Pesky Fruit Flies

Lemongrass essential oil. (obtainable at the Health Food store on Wharf Street.)

10 drops in 2oz. of hot water. Cool, and then pour into a spray bottle and apply where ever you see them. They are so sneaky – you have to keep all fruit in the frig, or well covered as well as any compost items.

Note – if you have pot plants, that is likely where the flies are breeding. Last year I had to send my African violets to the garage for several weeks.  I sprayed the earth around them several times during the banishment time and then brought them in, one by one, and observed for any fly activity. Incidentally, once the plants returned they flourished and flowered as never before partly because they had a drying off time and a rest!!

Thanks to Dorothy Olsen for passing this along.