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January ‘To Do’ List

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  • Spend time going over your seed catalogues and plan your garden. Think about new seeds that you would like to try and foster for the plant sale.
  • Plant trees, shrubs and vines as long as the ground isn’t frozen.
  • Apply dormant spray to fruit trees when you anticipate 24 hours of dry weather.
  • Make sure that any leaves or broken branches are off the lawn.
  • Prune out any broken or damaged branches.
  • Check your houseplants: divide and re-pot any pot-bound plants. Prune judiciously to create a compact, attractive specimen.
  • Succulents – jade, hoya, sansevieria—may be reluctant to bloom in the house. Grow them in a small pot and hold back the water. This may persuade them to flower.
  • Start a Garden Record Chart now allowing space to record the dates of First Frost; Last Frost; Sowing Seeds; Planting;Transplanting; Time of Bloom; First Fruits; Problems with pests, and Other Information.
  • Make a careful study this month of three important garden subjects: fertilizers, spraying and best seed varieties.

(thanks to Bob Tuckey from The Natural Gardener)