January 2012

Farmer Dave Ryan and Aaron Joe will talk about Salish Soils and the Sechelt Indian Band Demonstration Garden on Monday, January 30, 7:30 at the Seaside Centre.

Salish Soils is an innovative compost facility and new source of landscape materials located near the main entrance to Lehigh Gravel Mine. Salish Soils collects green waste form the forestry/construction industry, garden maintenance companies and other sources, along with processing fish waste. Then they mix it, compost it, screen it and turn it into rich, loamy soil. The end product is a high-quality growing medium, perfect for vegetable growing and landscaping.

On the surrounding lands Salish Soils is contributing to a demonstration farm teaching local people to grow food. The young company, like the vegetables growing nearby, is prospering, even in its first Season, due to the increasing need for quality local products, plus the rising appreciation for food security and sustainable economic opportunities. Created by CEO Aaron Joe – with local support from family, staff, volunteers and strategic partners Coastland, Lehigh and Sechelt Indian Band – Salish Soils grew out of a desire to build a sustainable business that would also be educational, with community as its heart and soul.(exerpt from Coast Life magazine, John Gillespie)